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You've chosen UltraEdit because you are interested in making your life easier and working more efficiently. Now you can extend this concept to your entire computer. AutoMate is the leading automation software for Windows. It completely eliminates the need for macros, scripts, and batch files. Instead use AutoMate's visual drag and drop Task Builder to build tasks that Start programs, Send Keystrokes/Mouse, play sounds, perform file operations, query databases and speak text (plus much more).

AutoMate includes over 120 available actions encapsulating most things a user can do on the computer. Tasks can be started automatically via a number of available task triggers including schedule, hotkey, file monitor, window popups, event log entries and more. AutoMate is easy enough to use for non-programmers but powerful enough to satisfy the most mission-critical applications. Best yet, you can use the AutoMate wordlist to edit your AutoMate tasks in UltraEdit!

Give AutoMate a try and see how easy it is to save tons of time.

Ch -- C/C++ Interpreter

Ch is a cross platform C/C++ interpreter for scripting, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing, shell programming and embedded scripting.

Ch can be configured to run as an UltraEdit tool. This allows users to invoke C/Ch/C++ program and iteratively edit and run an enterprise C/Ch/C++ application without leaving the UltraEdit environment. It is ideal for rapid application deployment.

Installation/Configuration Steps:

  1. Install Ch Standard Edition or Ch Professional Edition
  2. Install UltraEdit
  3. Setup Ch as an UltraEdit tool via the Advanced/Tool Configuration menu
    • Assume
          * Ch is installed in C:\Ch
    • Enter the following "command line" in the Tool Configuration dialog, use the UltraEdit %F to pass the current file name as the run file
          c:\ch\bin\ch.exe %F
    • Enter the following "working directory" in the Tool Configuration dialog:
    • Enter the following "Menu Item Name" in the Tool Configuration dialog:
    • Check "Save Active File"
    • Check "Output to ListBox" and "Capture Output" in Command Output
    • Select "Advanced ..." in Tool Configuration dialog
    • Enter "the following Toolbar bitmap/icon (file path)" in Advanced Tool Configuration
    • Check "No Replace" in Replace selected text with:
    • Click "Insert" to add the tool to the list
    • Click "OK" to save and quit Tool Configuration, you will have a menu button "Run_Ch" once you click "Advanced" Menu bar.
  4. Click File -> Open to edit a Ch file in UltraEdit you can create a file with the contents as below

        #include <stdio.h>
        int main()
            printf("Hello World\n");
            return 0;

  5. Run the program from within UltraEdit
    • Press "Ctrl+Shift+0" at the same time OR
    • Click "Run_Ch" from UltraEdit Advanced menu
    • It will start to run the program, the output "Hello World" will be displayed in the listbox of UltraEdit.

    • Please note: If you go to Advanced -> Configuration -> Key Mapping you can map a different keyboard shortcut for the tool if you wish.

Please click here to download the free C/C++ interpreter Ch.

Ghost Installer Studio
Ghost Installer Studio

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UltraEdit relies on Ghost Installer Studio for smooth, sophisticated Installation, and so can you! Ghost Installer Studio offers all essential tools for rapidly building setups for Windows applications, focused on enhanced reliability, stability, security and performance. Designed to meet high-end expectations of installation technology, Ghost Installer Studio offers full support for Microsoft's cutting-edge Visual Studio .NET 2003, Borland's Delphi, C++Builder, and JBuilder and other popular development tools.

* 11 Project Wizards - more than in any other installation tool - for Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#.NET, Visual C++.NET, Visual J#.NET, Delphi, C++Builder, JBuilder, and other project types.
* Install On Demand via Web of the .NET Framework, MDAC, DirectX, Java VM, BDE, and any other technologies and frameworks
* RSA Serial Number Kit with RSA encryption and personalized Installation Keys
* User Management Center to keep track of clients, send out Installation Keys, distribute Product Updates, and publish Newsletters
* Customizable Installation Look-and-Feel with free-shape Skins
* Extensive collection of 27 American, European and Asian language packs

Check out UltraEdit's Installer of Choice: http://www.ginstall.com/.

Using another Installer already? Have a look at how InstallShield and Wise compare to Ghost Installer Studio: http://www.ginstall.com/compare.

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HTML Tidy is an excellent utility that formats, checks and corrects HTML code. This was developed by Dave Raggett and has been integrated into UltraEdit-32.

More information on HTML Tidy may be found at: http://www.w3.org/People/Raggett/tidy/.

When this is invoked, the active document will be saved and HTML Tidy will parse the file. The output window will be used to display any errors or warnings that are found. Double clicking on line with the error or warning in the output window will position the cursor to the appropriate line in the file.

When HTML tidy runs it will generate a "tidy" version of the file and UltraEdit will display this in a new file/window titled "** HTML Tidy Output **". This will be overwritten each time HTML Tidy is used.

* Click here to go to Dave Raggett's site for HTML Tidy.


IntelliComplete is a comprehensive enhancement for MS windows. It does global autocompletion of words, phrases and shorthands with support of multiple language / professional / shorthand libraries. As special care for developers, it provides libraries of the most popular programming languages. It also provides miscellaneous clipboard and shell enhancing functions to save you repetitive labor.

Website: http://www.flashpeak.com/
Download: http://www.flashpeak.com/icomp/icsetup.exe

Integrating JCodeBox with UltraEdit

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JCodeBox can be configured to run as an UltraEdit tool. This allows users to invoke JCodeBox and iteratively generate/build/deploy an enterprise Java application without leaving the UltraEdit environment. The generated items (Java source code, XML files, etc) can then be imported into an existing UltraEdit project for on-going maintenance/fine-tuning. If you also configure Ant as an external tool, you can continue to iteratively build/deploy the application from within UltraEdit (using the Ant build scripts generated by JCodeBox).


  1. Install JCodeBox and install UltraEdit
  2. Setup JCodeBox as an UltraEdit tool via the Advanced/tool configuration menu

    For the sake of this example assume:

    • A Java JDK is installed in e:\jdk1.3.1
    • JCodeBox is installed in directory d:\jcb

    Enter the following command line in the Tool Configuration dialog to start JCodeBox:


    Enter the following working directory in the Tool Configuration dialog:


  3. Create an UltraEdit project

  4. Start JCodeBox and generate an enterprise Java application

    Optionally set the application directory in JCodeBox to be the same as the UltraEdit project directory

  5. Import files into the UltraEdit project

    • Use the File/quick open dialog to open files of a particular type from the JCodeBox application directory i.e. choose *.java and recurse sub-directories (select the Open all matching files from sub-directories option)
    • In Project/file/settings choose to add all open files to the current project (and then optionally close all files)
    • Repeat above for any other file types you would like to maintain in UltraEdit (i.e. *.xml, *.jsp, etc)

  6. Setup the Ant build tool as an UltraEdit tool via the Advanced/tool configuration menu

    • Enter the full path to the Ant script in the command line and use the UltraEdit %F to pass the current file name as the build file (i.e. c:\ant\bin\ant.bat -buildfile %F)
    • Enter the Ant installation directory into the working directory (i.e. c:\ant)
    • You may need to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable so that Ant can locate a valid Java compiler

  7. Re-build your project from within UltraEdit

    • Open the Ant build script (build.xml) generated by JCodeBox for your project (it will be generated in the util subdirectory of your project)
    • Start the Ant tool from the UltraEdit Advanced menu
    • Once the build is complete, the output (Java source, XML, Jars, etc) can be located in the tmp subdirectory of your project


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If you like UltraEdit, we think you'll like ListPro. Use ListPro to organize and use all your lists. Custom columns, alarms, item hightlighting, indenting and notes let you work just the way you want to. Use ListPro for:

customized to-do lists
recurring tasks
errands to do
packing lists
auction tracking
project planning
useful information
gift lists and ideas
event planning
software unlock codes
CD and DVD databases
videos to rent
shopping lists
people to keep after
interview questions

and much more.

UltraEdit users get ListPro for just $14.95 -- a savings of 25% off the regular list price. Get your discount here.

Don't take our word for it -- try ListPro for yourself. Download a free, 30-day trial from http://www.iliumsoft.com/download/ListProWin30.exe. Or, you can read more about ListPro at http://www.iliumsoft.com/listprod.htm.

Lynx Project Explorer

Zippety link

Lynx is a superb tool for PowerBASIC developers, and consists of an external window that snaps to the side of the editor, providing a treeview map of the files and code elements in your project. Tree entries are hyperlinks, and clicking on them causes your editor to immediately display the clicked-on item.

Lynx is hugely customisable, and offers many convenience features, such as New Project Wizard, auto-detect of PowerBASIC compilers, auto-setup of editors, compilation, instant access to PowerBASIC/API Help files, plus much, much more. It's lightning fast too - built 100% with PowerBASIC 6.0. A freeware version is available from the web site.

* Visit the Zippety web site.

Perl Oasis

Perl Oasis is a Perl IDE. It is a code navigator and a POD/source/class/project browser. It has been designed to be used with UltraEdit and is an Open Source Win32::GUI application with a binary available.

For more information please see the Perl Oasis homepage.

SPX Instant Screen Capture

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SPX Instant Screen Capture is an advanced tool that lets you capture whole windows, rectangular areas of the screen as well as free-hand shapes and send them to the destination you want. No need to open another application and carefully paste the screenshot from the clipboard.

The program can save images to clipboard or disk, send them directly to the printer or to the fax, send them embedded/attached to an email or use ICQ file transfer protocol or open your preferred graphic editor. Now you can send them to SPX Studio as well.

SPX Studio helps you explain your ideas and make your screenshots speak for themselves. Add notes, callouts, highlights, text, images to your screenshots then send to any destination or keep as project.

The tool has a straightforward interface which is easy to learn and nice to look at. You'd have to use the options window once or twice - the actual capturing will be done with your mouse cursor only.

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UEC2REG/UER2CFG: INI File Conversion Utility

This is currently unavailable but may be available in the future.

uemakeXp: Developer's Tool

If you use UltraEdit for programming, extend your editor with uemakeXp and you will have a multicompiler IDE. UemakeXp has support for more than 40 compilers, a sophisticated project manager that helps you manage all your projects from one place, a win32 api help system, a project backup tool, easy to use and modifiable code and project templates, a batch builder for handling many projects at the same time, a conversion tool for Visual Studio developers and other handy tools. It has tools for web developers, for .NET framework developers, project managers and you still have the UltraEdit!

This has been provided by Dipl. Ing. Ján Sloboda, E-mail: jas@centrum.sk.

* Click here to go to Dipl. Ing. Ján Sloboda's site for uemakeXp.