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To post a message to the group click LISTSERV


The SITQC-L listserv is a wonderful communication tool that offers the members of group, an opportunity to post suggestions or questions to a large number of people at the same time. When you submit a question or something that you want to share to the listserv, your submission is distributed to all of the other people on that list.

The SITQC-L listserv helps the members of the SITQC to communicate regarding the issues related to the middle school and high school math and science.

Every member of the group can post a message which can be seen by all the members of the group. The message must be emailed to SITQC-L@siu.edu address.

Only the owner of the group can subscribe or unsubscribe members to this group. For more details email vinodk@siu.edu.

Note: The listserv is strictly used for open discussions among the group members. Posting of the personal messages is not encouraged in the group.